Thursday, June 01, 2006


I had a great time on this whirlwind trip. Cute car, great family, awesome friends, and a little knitting time.

REALLY not a flattering picture of me at all, but my Grandma's so CUTE! She's in such great shape for someone born in 1906. She had a big receiving line (like at a wedding) and she had a nice chair to sit in if she got tired, but she hardly ever sat down. She was usually up and walking around and talking to people.

I went to visit some old college roommates, and this is the view from outside her front porch. Incredible, huh? I LOVE Kentucky (it's so green and pretty), but I do miss the mountains. What you CAN'T see from this picture is that it's only about 55 degrees outside. The clouds are clearing away but it was FREEZING cold and rainy all day Saturday and half of Sunday. It started to get nicer the closer I was to leaving--of course!

And Enterprise gave me a cute "vanilla" colored PT Cruiser to drive this weekend. I signed up for an "economy car", and expected to get something like a Toyota Corolla or a Honda Civic, but this is what I got. I was thrilled! It's cute and fun to drive, but I don't think I would buy one because it gets TERRIBLE milage--only about 22 mpg on the highway. I'll keep my Camry, thank you very much!

I did get some knitting done on the plane, but not much, and I didn't take any pictures...

I'm in the process of moving apartments right now. Some friends from Church came over and helped my move my measly four items of furniture (kitchen table, bed, tall bookshelf and glider-rocker). I borrowed a cart thing from work and I think I can handle the rest myself. But moving is so TIRESOME...bleah!

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