Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Little red hen


Today was the last activity day for the children's summer reading program at the library. A local theater put on a play version of “The Little Red Hen” for the kids upstairs in the big meeting room.

This morning, my coworker took a phone call from a little boy, who wanted to know if he could bring his little red hen with him to the play. Thinking he meant a stuffed animal, she said, “Sure you can!”


A couple of hours later, he showed up with a chicken. A live chicken. There was quite a bit of confusion and consternation at first (especially becuase the woman in charge of children's programming REALLY doesn't like chickens in the first place), but everything was worked out. The little boy was told, “You see, the woman who told you that you could bring your chicken is a CITY girl. She thought you meant a stuffed animal.” After a moment's though, he responded in a big country drawl, “Weeelll, Ah can see how that would be a misunderstanding.”


Mom or Dad ended up staying outside with the chicken scratching around under the trees in the garden area and after the show, the children trooped down to the garden to see the chicken. Sadly, everyone was forced to scatter quite suddenly because the automatic sprinklers came on to water the garden!


There's always something exciting going on in the library!