Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Halfway...I think...

Scarlet Woman Blocking
(Insides of the Scarlet Woman Sweater)

One of the advantages of marrying off all your roommates (three in as many years--they all live with me and then decide they want to get married--what's that say about me?) is that suddenly you have a ton of space to block things on the floor, and no one will care because it's not in the way!

The photo above is skewed--it looks like the armscye on the right is bigger than the other. I actually measured it and it's SMALLER; I think it's just the light and how I'm standing.

I'm finished with the Scarlet Woman sweater pattern as written and now I'm on my own for the sleeves. This is where it gets scary, because not only have I never designed my own sleeve caps or sweater yet, I've never MADE a sweater with sleeve caps before. The only sweaters I've done recently were round yoke sweaters (Tangled Yoke Cardigan) and raglan sweaters (Eris), both of which had the sleeves knit into the sweater as the pattern went along.

So I'm a little nervous! I think I'm going to wait for the body to dry, then flip it over and recheck my gauge on the stockinette portion. I really want to finish this sweater (it's been in my WIP list for almost six months) and I'm SOOO close I can smell it! But I also want to take my time and do the proper math and make sure it's right. I tend to get lazy and call things "good enough" and then, when the sweater is done, it doesn't look as good as I had planned. I want this one to be GOOD, not just good enough.