Friday, May 26, 2006

One Hundred!

My great-grandma is turning 100 years old this weekend, and we're having a veritable family reunion to celebrate. Aunts and uncles and cousins coming in from everywhere from California to Maryland, and Utah, Wyoming, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and who knows where else. It will be lots of fun. Hooray for families!

I'll be spending some quality time in the airport, so that means knitting time! I guess I'd probably better stop by a store and pick up some plastic or bamboo needles, though, since I've heard that the TSA doesn't really care for pointy metal things on the airplanes...

Anyway, I'm off for three days of fun, family, and flying! Oh, and friends, too! I'll be stopping by to visit friends from college who live in the area. You know, it's nice to be older than 25 and not have to pay the "young driver" surcharge when you rent a car anymore!

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