Sunday, February 17, 2008

Knitting away

I've got a bad case of startitis. I've got one sweater, two scarves, two pairs of socks and one lace project all on the needles. I don't think that I have photos of all of them, but this is a start:


First up is the Scarlet Woman sweater. The link is for a tank, but I decided that I'd rather have a sweater than a tank. I've finished the front and have about twenty rows of the back ribbing done. There are quite a few articles online about how to figure out how to make set-in-sleeves, so hopefully this will turn out like I have in mind.

3x3 cable socks

I've finished the first of the 3x3 Cable socks I started a while back. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids in Cherry Red. I'm slightly concerned that I'm not going to have quite enough to finish the second sock, but thanks to the wonder that is Ravelry, I can find people who have used this yarn and hopefully one of them will have leftovers that they'd be willing to sell to me. The label didn't seem to have a dye-lot listed, so hopefully the color will be a match. And if not, it shouldn't be too bad--it will only be the end of a toe and that will stay in my shoe anyway.

Adamas Shawl

I've been itching to start a lace project lately, so tonight I cast on for the Adamas Shawl. I'm using some red cashmere recycled-sweater yarn on eBay from The Twice-Sheared Sheep.