Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Itchy fingers

I've got so many things on the needles that need to get done: a pair of socks for a lady at church, a scarf for my best friend, a non-bloggable project for my Loopy Ewe swap partner, my tangled yoke cardigan, and who knows what else. But all I want to do is start swatching for a new sweater!

Sis Beaman SocksTangled YokeIMG_1267

I just got some yarn in yesterday from KnitPicks--the Merino Style in Fedora--and I think I'm going to make the February Lady Sweater.
KP Merino Style Fedora

But this yarn is DK weight, and FLS calls for worsted weight yarn. So I'm going to have to tweak the pattern, and that means knowing my gauge.

But I have to finish the other things first. Well, maybe not the scarf, but definitely the ??? and the socks. And I ought to finish one sweater before casting on for another.