Friday, January 18, 2008

Still here

I haven't blogged in forever but it's definitely not because I haven't been knitting.

I've finished a pair of monkeys.
Socks that Rock in "Gingerbread Dude"

I'm also working on two other pairs of socks. (Sorry, no photos of them tonight!) One pair is a little more complicated than the other. It's got cables and moss stitch between, and that one stays in my purse to work on at lunch or before class, etc. The other stays at home and is just a plain stockinette sock to work on when I'm reading.

I also started a sweater. My parents gave me a set of KnitPicks Options needles for my birthday and enough Telemark yarn to make a sweater. I've decided to make a version of the Scarlet Woman tank and I'm going to add set-in sleeves to make it a sweater. I hope it works!