Wednesday, May 09, 2007

All play and no work

I had the day off work today to go to my roommate's (well, now it's ex-roommate's) wedding. It was a nice time. The ceremony was very simple and sweet, and it was good to sit around at the reception and talk to old friends. Here they are coming out of the temple after their wedding. He's pretending to be surprised at all the people there taking pictures. She's just happy. They look fabulous. I've been working away on my sockapalooza sock. I keep worrying about it. Is the toe too pointy? Is it going to fit? Will my pal like the colors and the design? I sure hope so!

So far, I like this magic loop method. I like that you can knit half a row before you change needles. I think I might start the second sock and try to do them both at once, that way I get them the same length. That's always a plus, right?


  1. Good for you with the magic loop. It drives me crazy.

    It amuses me how much time I (and other bloggers) spend agonizing over the socks for our pals, yet everyone seems to be really happy when they get their socks. Yours looks great!

  2. Your pal will LOVE both the pattern and colorway. Or, she should, anyway! I love lace patterns but find myself distracted too often, then goofing up where I am if there are too many rounds in a repeat. I admire those who have mastered the concentration necessary....or maybe I just need to get away from customers, critters, and communications when I'm knitting. I can manage complicated lace in a baby sock, or simple lace for an adult's, but not the combination! Your socks are inspiring!