Tuesday, February 04, 2014


Winter has been here with a vengeance the past few weeks. A couple of polar vortices gave us temperatures in the single digits, and we've had nearly six inches of snow between Sunday and Monday, and ice today. I'm grateful to still have power and heat and running water. Did I mention the water main burst in front of the house next door a few weeks ago? I've had some unplanned days off as work has been closed or closed early a couple of times. A friend from Lexington really said it well, "Isn't it like getting an extra day in your life when you get to stay home due to snow?" Exactly!

All this weather makes me feel grateful for modern conveniences like gas, electricity, automobiles, running water, and for all the engineers and workers who designed the systems and work so hard in all sorts of weather to keep it all running smoothly.

I also feel grateful for wool. Wooly knit things keep me warm when I'm out getting the snow off the sidewalk and driveway. Wooly knit things keep my time occupied when work is closed and I have a glorious unexpected day off. (Well, so do things like dishes and laundry and shoveling snow, but they're not nearly so interesting.)

Right now I'm working on a cowl, based on one (or three) My friend Stephanie has made. It's a simple enough pattern, just a wide tube of soft squishy garter stitch color blocked and striped in two colors. It's long enough to wrap around twice and I can't wait for it to be done. I've just started the striped part.

It may have to wait a few weeks, though. The Ravellenic Games start on Thursday. I want to make myself a cardigan in the time between the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Sochi Olympic Games. We'll see if I can pull it off. It's a lot of knitting to do...and I haven't even been able to settle on a pattern I like yet...

Finally, my current foster is Pumpkin. She's unfortunately not a treadmill cat, but she's so cute it makes up for it.