Friday, February 02, 2007

I've slipped!!

I went to the Knitting & Spinning guild meeting tonight, and had a great time! I worked on Eris and finished attaching the hem to the front. All I have left of the hem is the back.

Then the lady who hosts the meetings brought out an Ashford Traditional wheel and I started down the slippery slope. I spun nearly a whole bobbin and really enjoyed it. I want a wheel! But I have a lot of other things that I probably ought to buy first. My roommate is getting married in May, and the livingroom furniture will be moving out when she does. So I'm saving up for a couch and a coffee table and probably a loveseat. I told that to the ladies at the Guild tonight, and they laughingly said, "Why save up for all that furniture? All you need for a wheel is a chair!"

I'm tempted. Very tempted. But a wheel costs so much money! I might ask if anyone at the guild has a used one they want to sell. In the meantime, I would like to make sure that this isn't just a whim.

Here's the fruits of my first foray into wheel spinning. Sorry about the shoddy photos...all I had with me was the camera phone.

I'm pretty proud of myself. Spinning just clicked with me. I very quickly figured out how to put the movement of my foot pretty much on autopilot, and was able to focus on drafting. Of course, I still have thick and thin spots, but that's normal. Linda, the hostess, told me that it was not regular "beginner yarn".

Next month I'll go back and see if I can learn about plying and see if I can make a little skein of yarn to keep. I wonder how much I'll have to spin in order to make a hat...

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