Sunday, February 18, 2007

All gone!

My money, that is!

There was indeed a lady in the knitting and spinning guild who had a wheel she didn't need anymore. I picked it up on Wednesday at one of our LYS's here in town (she's one of the owners). It's an Ashford Traditional double drive. It came with extra bobbins, a lazy kate, and an high-speed flyer kit, for $250.

Now I need to buy some more roving (I've spun up just about all that she gave me) and a niddy noddy.

In other news, I've also found some living room furniture (the red sofa and loveseat). The futon and coffee and end tables will be moving out in May. Until then I'm really pleased with how my living room looks! It's starting to look like a real home, instead of a student apartment. Now all I need are people to come over and visit and sit on the couches and just talk!

1 comment:

  1. Great new wheel! Have you spun anything on it yet?

    The couches look fabulous. I love that shade of red.