Thursday, March 14, 2013


I haven't really gotten anything productive done this morning. I've been watching workers from the power company install a new power pole and a transformer and I don't know what else they're doing.

I'm amazed how quickly they get things done. A couple of hours ago, this big wooden pole was sitting in front of the empty lot next door. About ten o'clock, I noticed two big trucks parked in front of my house, and one of the poles had been moved across my driveway and into my yard. Men were drilling holes and screwing in posts and whatnots at the top of it. Then the big drilling rig moved into place and dug a hole that was probably about 7-8 feet deep and 2-3 feet across, I'm guessing.

The drilling rig thing also has a bunch of cables and straps and calipers to pick up and move the power pole. I'm amazed that it can move everything all around those wires without getting shocked, because this whole time, there's still electricity in my house. In fact, one of the workers knocked on my door--once everything was in place--to tell me that they were going to be shutting off the power to my house for about fifteen minutes.

I don't know if they're going to be taking out the old pole or keeping it there. Maybe the new pole is just for the new transformer (that big, gray, garbage can sized thing at the top).

But it's been interesting process to watch. I bet my nephews would have liked to see it.

Yay, electricity!


  1. yep, new bags was my solution, too!!!!

  2. This happened to us a couple days ago, only we didn't hear the knock on the door and as we were eatin breakfast, thank goodness I had the oatmeal cooked and the water hot for the coco.
    Our lights went out and, oh how we do rely on the juice man. The kid was miffed that she couldn't listen to her music (boom box) So I spent the next 1.5 hours messing with the treadle machines. We don't need no electricity to have fun!
    Regards :)