Sunday, March 18, 2007

of Bikes and WIPs

I've had a good week. The weather was GLORIOUS on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday. I actually broke out my bicycle and rode it to work on Tuesday. It felt so good! I really like my bicycle. It's an older bike that I found in my Grandpa's garage. He had been storing the mountain bike I'd had since I was a kid while I was serving a mission in the Netherlands and Belgium for the Church I belong to. While I was there, I got hooked on the biking and the high quality of Dutch Bikes--like this one.

So when I came home and found this bike in my Grandpa's garage, I asked him if I could trade. He tends to have a lot of stuff in his garage that people donate to be sold in yard sale fundraisers for their local boy scout troop. It probably would have been easier to sell the mountain bike, anyway, even if it wasn't new or top of the line. I liked this bike because it had the fenders and the lower frame (not quite a U-frame) that is easier to climb on and off, and the handlebars bent back so that you can sit up straight. It's a one-speed bike, with coaster brakes. I rode it all over campus at college and rode it to work quite a bit the first summer I moved here. But Kentucky isn't quite as flat as Holland is, and I think I'd like something nicer. My single speed is okay for climbing up the hills here in town (although my LUNG CAPACITY could use some development) but it's not really adequate for long stretches of downhill or flat ground. The wheels get going faster than I can pedal to keep up. So, we'll see what happens.

On the knitting front, I've made lots of progress. I've turned the heel on my mom's second sock and am about an inch away from starting the toe decreases. The end is in sight! I had a lot of time to work on it this week.
I've also picked up my Bristow cardigan for work again over the past couple of weeks. I've done about twelve inches of the second front piece. I'm glad that I made notes of how many rows to do for each step when I made the other front piece--I only hope that my gauge is still the same!

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