Monday, September 25, 2006

Long Monday, or "Too tired to think of a title today"

Sorry this is late--I've had some technology issues this week. I got a reveal package for my AWESOME secret pal, Jennie (THANK YOU, so much!!!) But I couldn't find my camera to take a picture, so you'll have to deal with this poor phone-camera picture.
There's a lace-cuff sock pattern, some oatmeal-lavendar soap, a postcard, and three skeins of Crystal Palace Kid Merino. It's so soft, and I LOVE the color. There was also a CD of songs in French and Portuguese and German and Spanish (I don't speak any of those languages, but I love music not in English). They're kind of like Jazz and I like the CD.

I've got about eight inches done on my Bristow cardigan (sorry, no photos--too lazy!).

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