Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What a LOVELY feeling...

It feels GREAT knowing that I don't have to go into work tomorrow, or the next six days after that! Next Wednesday won't be so much fun, but I'll ignore that gloomy thought for as long as I can. Tomorrow morning, I'm driving to Indiana to visit my family for a week. My brother is coming home from his mission in Brazil and I CAN'T WAIT to see him! Sometimes July 2004 seems like forever ago, and yet at other times, 2 years never seemed to go so quickly.

So I won't be posting for a week or so. Before I go, I thought I'd better put up a picture of the Lace Leaf Sock I've been working on for weeks. So far, so good--I've not frogged it yet, which is marked improvement over most of my projects.
(Like the Crazy Colors sock, which I believe is now in its fourth or fifth incarnation.)

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