Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Experiment Socks

Since this is my first ever pair of socks, I'm experimenting with lots of different things. I've tried a couple of patterns, and then frogged them. I tend to become dissatisfied with what I'm doing, and I frog it. I've had this yarn since November, and still nothing to show for it! So last week, I finally finished one sock (it's probably not long enough, but I got bored with the cuff and eager to start the next one. So I stopped after about 56 rows.)

Then I started the other one. The first sock was cast on with the Figure 8 method from Knitty. I like that it doesn't require any scrap yarn. Unfortunately, about four rows in I realized I had dropped a stitch at the very beginning. Since I was going to have to start over anyway, I decided to try the short-row method. And I like that better, I think. So as you see, the toes on the socks won't match...but I tell myself that no one is REALLY going to notice. I just want to actually finish them!

Here's Mattie, my cat, with the sock earlier this afternoon (when I was starting the second sock with the Figure 8).

I think I have knitting ADD.

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