Sunday, August 12, 2007

Big Thanks!


Look what came in the mail for me on Friday! A Sockapalooza 4 package that included a fantastic pair of socks, a beautiful card, and a mini-sock blocker with instructions on how to make socks to fit it.

They came from Debra. Thank you so much! The socks fit perfectly and are very comfortable and I've worn them around the house all weekend. I immediately put the blocker key chain on my purse and it's fabulous. Maybe this next week I'll make a sock for it.

The color in the photo above isn't really accurate. The socks have a lot more red in the purple than you can see here.

Thanks again, Debra! I love my new socks!


  1. Excellent- they fit! It's always a worry, you know. A friend of mine had a sockblocker keychain with a wardrobe of socks.

    Also, I picked up welding wire from a true logger in Northern Minnesota. I used about 1/10th of it to block Lizard Ridge-- and it rusted! So, I decided to spare you from possible yarn destruction!!! (Very glad I tested it first.)

    Enjoy the socks.

  2. Such cute socks and such a fun little keychain, that's awesome!